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  Angela Davis

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Angela Davis, President and Founder of Angela Davis Consulting, LLC, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management focusing on business development, finance, marketing, business regulations and compliance.  She is CompTIA Project+ certified in Project Management and currently works with agencies across the country building solutions designed to meet organizational goals and priorities to strengthen organizational capacity and business development.


She has over 22 years of personal and commercial lending, as well as 10 years community development experience. She is regularly retained to assist in onsite reviews, identifying agency gaps including board governance and employee development.

Angela’s role involves curriculum development and provides stellar training for all types of organizations in the areas of organization sustainability, credit, lending, organizational reviews and coaching.  Her career spans both corporate and the not-for-profit sectors thus she is able to communicate within both industries.  


Angela has helped numerous agencies reach their potential thus allowing companies and communities to visualize, learn, develop and become empowered in the process. 

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